Wi-Fi enabled devices including tablets, computers, portable-game consoles, smartphones, digital cameras and digital audio players will be able to connect easily to the Internet in the Hub.

The building itself will act as one large hotspot, accessed via a simple logon solution which will enable users to go about their personal business or leisure pursuits on their own mobile device.

Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub will have a number of Public Access PCs for customers to use to ensure local residents are not held back by poor digital connections or unaffordable access to the Internet. These Public Access PCs will be free to use for up to one hour and a minimal charge thereafter to stay connected.

The Public Access PCs can be used to access a range of free online resources including Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and family history websites, as well as providing a platform for communication and creativity. They will be located in both busy public areas and a quiet zone with printing in colour or black and white (for a small charge) , scanning facilities and access to MS Office 2010 also available. In addition to this, a number of these Public Access PCs will have access to online courses and media software.

As with all library sites across Warrington, eBooks will be free to borrow from the download library. eBooks logo

A library card and PIN will be required to use this service, which will enable access to titles immediately through a browser (see the guide for a list of suitable browsers) or
transferred to a variety of devices, including; the Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo and many others. Any one of the trained Advisors within the Hubwill be able to register a visitor as a library member and provide advice on getting started.


Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub will have a number of self-service machines to support both the quick return or renewal of library books and access to the leisure facilities throughout the hub. It is envisaged there will be a dedicated customer self-service area located in the main concourse. 

Self-Service Information Points will assist in supporting customer requirements, booking facilities, buying memberships and in the future these machines could be utilised for a whole range of other purposes, including paying bills and sending emails.

The hub itself will have access to learning suites to support the delivery of courses or act as a training venue available for hire by external providers.

Offline, the Hub will play host to a variety of workshops, reading groups, young people's learning activities and educational events.