The Leisure Centre is adjacent to Great Sankey High School to the south and to the east adjoins the former site of Barrow Old Hall, originally a timber-framed house surrounded by a moat. Its medieval associations with the principal manor of Bold Old Hall and its position on the edge of the township suggest that its development as a moated site may have its origins in the 14th century.

Archaeological excavations have revealed the remains of a 17th century timber framed building and evidence for an earlier medieval timber hall. Early 17th century inventories record the existence of a hall, parlour and larder and the three hearths recorded for the Hearth Tax in 1662-6 suggest a small domestic dwelling.

The Tithe map for Bold shows a water filled moat surrounding a rectangular platform. On this stood a rectangular building, with two wings on the eastern side. Barrow was sold in 1859 as 'An ancient moated mansion, containing many excellent rooms surrounded by agreeable and productive grounds and gardens, with stables and outbuildings attached'.

Towards the end of the 19th century the hall was converted into a country cottage, then demolished in 1924 leaving the moated site as a visible earthwork which is now a scheduled monument, listed in 1970.

The current Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub was originally opened on the 2nd April 1977 as Great Sankey Forum. Over 35 years on, the site is no longer able to meet the demands now placed on it and with a number of ongoing complex building issues is no longer fit for purpose. The proposed redevelopment will enable the site to be transformed into a modern neighbourhood hub with an increased range of services.