A survey was conducted over a 16 week period from January to May 2015, conducted by a variety of methods including a questionnaire, information sharing with local residents and direct public engagement at public drop-in sessions. The focus of this survey was to:

  • engage with local communities on the basis of creating a neighbourhood hub relevant to local need
  • obtain feedback about the overall site plans and layout of the building
  • seek views on LiveWire's proposed offer including that of the wider health provision to be made available at the hub
  • capture specific feedback to assist in contributing to an new, wider Arts and Culture offer

The total number of people engaged with through consultation and/or information sharing was 697. From this, 448 direct comments were received, i.e. those specifically relating to a particular aspect of the building or service.

A summary of the feedback received is presented below, with responses.

Improved and adequate toilet facilities needed

The number of toilets in general areas and in the changing areas has been increased.


This includes comments relating to car parking spaces, ensuring sufficient parent and baby spaces and disabled parking, provision for motorbike parking and availability of cycle sheds.

The car park capacity has been increased to alleviate concerns about parking and the availability of spaces. Disabled spaces, parent and child spaces and motorbike/bicycle spaces will be made available; the amount of which will be confirmed as part of the final plans. The intention is to explore ways to implement a car park management system to address the concerns about bottlenecks and pinch-points during particular times of the day.

A sports hall viewing area is desirable

This has now been incorporated into the design.

Sports Hall needs to be refurbished

The sports hall will be refurbished to improve the floor, roof, ventilation and lighting; there will also be separate access provided for Great Sankey High School during the day.

There is an existing issue with lack of space for swimming lessons

The teaching pool will be expanded to address this and provide additional capacity.

Need a large, spacious, well equipped gym

A 120 station gym will be provided in the first phase, on the first floor.

Request for sauna and steam rooms, a spa offer and hydrotherapy pool

Yes all of these services will be provided once the hub is fully complete.

Interested to know how swimming access will be affected during the development

To address concerns about possible closure and relocation of classes during the construction phase, careful attention has been given to ensure that the existing building can remain operational during the build. However, it will be necessary to close the pool at some stage to carry out the improvements to the pool and viewing area, further details will follow once exact timings are known.

Need to invest in refurbishing all aspects of the pool including providing larger and improved changing facilities (including family change) and an improved viewing gallery.

 All of these will be completed. The design offers a much improved pool changing village with separate family changing areas and as a direct result of the feedback received the viewing area on the concept design has been increased; it will be easily accessible and enable an improved viewing experience. The layout of the changing rooms has also been modified to improve the flow and circulation.

Interest in the library space and its layout

The full extent of the library offer will be determined at a later date; this will determine the look of a children's area and the way in which stock, equipment and facilities are distributed throughout the building to be most effective and to provide the best service to customers.

Need for different areas in the library

An activity/children's reading area in addition to a quiet, study area and computer access were all identified as integral to the library offer

There will be an area which will facilitate quiet study and separate reader development activities and additional areas for computer access and breakout will be provided for throughout the hub.

Interested in hydrotherapeutic offerings

A hydrotherapy pool to support the health provision in the hub will be provided.

Support for partner health services

Numerous responses in support of partner health services, including GP outpatient and out of hours surgeries and pharmacy provision.

Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub will provide an integrated health and wellbeing provision; the full extent of which is currently under investigation and discussions are taking place with LiveWire's health partners, i.e. Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, Warrington HealthPlus, Warrington and Halton hospitals, NHS England and Public Health Warrington.

Interested in developing the moated area; recognising its historic value and utilising the space as an activity arena.

The full extent of the arts and culture provision is currently under investigation and discussions are taking place with LiveWire's partners, Culture Warrington and Groundwork Cheshire. This includes potential development of the historic moated site adjacent to the hub; however this is subject to a separate project and funding stream and progression of the core Hub project is not dependent on this. Also a trim trail and heritage trail are planned to be defined around the exterior of the site upon completion of the project, with associated landscaping.

There is a need for theatre and performance space

The full extent of the arts and culture provision is currently under investigation and discussions are taking place with LiveWire's partners, including Great Sankey High School to explore the best use of community spaces within the school that may be utilised to enhance the delivery of arts and cultural activities.

Providing a dance studio complete with mirrors and bars as a way to develop internal arts and culture provision

One of the studios will be designed to accommodate dance.

Concerns about the security of entrance into the leisure centre

Concerns about the wider site access have been addressed by the inclusion of a new access road from Lingley Green Avenue. Safeguarding issues to ensure both school and public access is controlled have carefully been considered in the design.

Safeguarding and protection for young (11-14) teens in an open plan change environment

Safeguarding issues to ensure school and public access is controlled has carefully been considered. In particular this includes the swim changing room layout to improve safeguarding, providing separate changing facilities for school use which can be opened up in the evening for public use to provide additional changing capacity. This will also improve pool availability as it will enable quicker turn-around of school and public use.

Sloping steps into the pool for those who are frail or have disabilities

LiveWire will continue to work with partners to ensure the building and facilities are accessible and inclusive for all, e.g. acting on advice from Warrington Disability Partnership and Dementia Action Alliance

Seated hair-drying facilities for older people and those with disabilities

Specific comments relating to hair-dryers and showers are not considered to be part of the core design stage; however suggestions relating to these areas have been recorded and will be investigated at a later date.

Ensure sufficient parent and baby spaces and disabled parking

Disabled spaces, parent and child spaces and motorbike/bicycle spaces will be made available; the amount of which will be confirmed as part of the plans.

Include a pram store and lift access for prams and wheelchairs

Pram/buggy store has been added to the concept design for inclusion on the ground floor entrance area. The positioning and availability of lifts has been carefully considered in the design along with careful consideration for disabled access needs throughout the building.